Bizarre outrage over 9/11 allusions in De Niro commercial

The Indo-Asian News Service 'reports' that "an American Express TV commercial, in which Robert De Niro talks about Ground Zero, has angered fans who feel the Hollywood star should not use the 9/11 tragedy to sell a product." quoting nobody in particular here. The root of this hoopla stems from the Digital Spy forums. Hey journalists, you might want to not troll forums for article fodder.

"For a guy who is supposed to love the city, you'd think he'd show a bit more class... Using a tragedy to sell a product stinks."

In the ad, De Niro waxes poetically about New York City:

"My oldest friend. My first love. My east. My far east. My west side. My private side. My heartbreak. My heart beat.
My life happens here. My card is American Express."