BK brings back chickens - sort of


BK brings back chickens - sort of


Rockers with Chicken headgear, CoqRoq, star in the latest BK commercial for their new Chicken Fries. And yes, The King does make an appearance too. And as Clay says, it's got a Kiss/Gwar/Slipknot feel about it.

Superadgrunts, check it out and bob your head:

One odd thing though is that the end of the ads point to www.coqroq.com, which isn't live yet. Earlier today I was getting a login box. Now it's just going to a blank page. Are the CP+B folks testing out the power of their advertising to see how many folks will go to the site, even if there's nothing up? Or was there a mix up on the run date?


Wow, yeah that is odd. That blank page doesn't say much.............

Maybe it's their way of saying they only use white meat?

it's all live now - I wonder if there was live date confusion, or server config errors....
perhaps just final testing...


Thanks philmang!

I like the lyrics to "Cross the Road"...and here are the lyrics to "Bob Your Head". Hehehe "NUGGETS MAKE US SICK/WE ARE THE TURNING TIDE/GET ON BOARD AND RIDE/BOB YOUR HEAD"

So, we've got McD's chasing after hip-hop and rappers to get their brand in a song, and also to have their uniforms get urban-ized and yet, here's BK kickin' it with a totally different direction.

Came across the BK press release for this, which states that the videos were directed by Paul Hunter.

You have to admire all the pun possibilities here...

hahaha. well, it's sorta obvious why they didn't spell it the right way.....coq is much easier to get through mail filters ;)

I can't wait until they open their e-store....i can already imagine the tees.

Yikes, looks like I picked just the right image too. Today in adage: BURGER KING'S COQROQ.COM TRIGGERS CONTROVERSY "Some Sexual Double Entendres Removed From Site Overnight" with a new image without Coq!. And the worlds most unbeliavable excuse:

Whaaa? And instead which picture was that line supposed to go with? Come on. Have a backbone BK. I find this way less offensive than the Paris spot for Carl's Jr. I'd also have to assume that these ads aren't being run before 9pm or some other time where kids won't be seeing them. BK does have other versions of ads for the product, which I've seen during the day that don't have anything at all to do with this concept at all.

I do find it amusing that the Adage writer talked to a subliminal ad expert too. Sheesh.

i feel like crispin would do anything just to be the first ones to do it. But damn that song is addicting. Sad.

The "band's" four songs are freely available for download on the site. And they're even pretty good--in a masochistic sort of way. But it's the integration of such diverse elements (from the TV spots to ringtones to some bizzaro 800 number that texts you back) that makes this coq so, uh, tasty.

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