Black Moth Super Rainbow Frontman Promotes Album Via White House petition site

How fun. Tobacco, (who for some reason a lot of people insist on calling an enigmatic frontman) of Black Moth Super Rainbow, now has a petition set up on the We The People site via The White House.

At press time, the total number of backers is less than fifty. But that's okay. It'll work for fans of Tobacco solo albums, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and fans of digital indie rock made on analog instruments everywhere.

And unlike last year's Death Star petition , Tobacco is actually promoting something.

By the way, in case you think we're too Democratic here, last November the White House (most likely tired of fielding such juvenile petitions, as well as being an indication of our current administration's stuffed-shirt policy) increased the minimum number of required signatures before review to 100,000 up from 25,000.

Either way. Tobacco rocks.

PROTIP: Advertising agencies hoping to jump on this bandwagon: stick with Facebook likes.

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