Blackspot sneaker ads banned yet again

Blackspots advertising campaign seems to be centered around getting banned, something that happens a lot to AdBusters ads actually, they have more than ten years of experience in getting ads refused from big networks. It's the reasons for not airing the ads that really crack us up though, the 15 second animated ads were rejected by the fux at FOX and the empty MTV because, as FOX put it, they are "too jumpy".

Who knew, jumpy is now too risque, and that's even without any breasts or nipples involved. Does FOX think the fuzzy animation has some strange hypnotic powers beyond advertisings usual persuasion?
Maybe they think it's like that video in the Japanese horror flick "Ringu" and it has special powers...... Read more to see the "jumpy" animation.

black spot sneakers kick ass

See both blackspot sneaker ads here and download them if you wish.

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  • Neo's picture

    Oh No!
    Do I have to show this to someone else now, or die a horrible death in seven days?

    Feb 17, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    Papa, I want to ask you to do one last favor for your grandson.....
    Thanks for getting the Ringu reference. ;)

    So these days media-channels can reject ads based on style? Wow. You'd think they'd refuse those horrible "I'm not a lawyer but I play one on TV" or annoying ringtone ads first. ;)

    Feb 17, 2005