is dead, long live Bold!


The graphics/advertising/typography community which even spawned it's own font available at Veer came with the sudden announcement yesterday that Bold will be closed. Kenneth Pilo, the founder and driving force behind Bold has found that running a community on unpaid time after work is hard (and really under appreciated) work, that is stealing too much time away from his family and real job, so he decided to close Bold the forum as it is today and have a rethink about Bold the brand over the summer. It seems that it won't die completely, but the forum community itself will be closed, and the members very lost for a while, god knows I'll be confused as to where I can chat advertising in Swedish (yeah I'm a sick twisted adgrunt). We'll miss you Bold, kudos to Pilo for making it possible. Thanks for all the fish. began as 99reklam in 2002 and changed the name to Bold in 2004. I have personally made over 2 634 posts at Bold.

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