Boost Mobile: 31 Carols

Boost Mobile thinks that one holiday isn't enough this December. So with the help of 180 LA they have created a way to honor the 30 more obscure holidays that happen that month. You know, the ones know one's ever heard of. And decided to tie it in to Boost's "Be heard," tagline by making them singing greeting cards-- you know-- carols.

They're holidays thta are not Christmas or traditional holiday themed in any way shape or form. Unless "Take it in the Ear Day," was a pagan singing holiday adapted by Christianity, or "Cotton Candy Day," is the non-acloholic version of Wassail. Weirdly though, the spots seem to star Santa and Elves. Phew. I thought it might be confusing at first.

They're greeting card songs are kinda like a hipster Advent calendar, except there's no chocolate at the end. The majority are food-based, it seems.

I did mention they're all songs, right? Yeah. All 31 one of them. Yup.

In various styles. The token heavy metal version, which seems to be the thing this month, and there's even a dubstep version. Which is great because I was afraid for a second we might have moved on from dubstep. Thankfully not!

The press release proudly states the creatives in question wrote all the lyrics for the songs (except of course "I have a little Dreidel" for Hanukkah Day as I'm pretty sure that one is a standard. And by 'pretty sure," I mean "exactly sure." Also it's kind of weird so see Santa singing it. Music production house Elias took over the scoring.

You can also share these card if you so wish. All I can say is, hope you got it out of your system, kids. It's a long way to go for a candy cane.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year and other holidays (real or made up for advertising purposes) from Adland!

Check out some selections here:

Boost Mobile Cotton Candy

Boost Mobile Lemon Cupcake Day

Boos Mobile Egg Nog

Boost Mobile Whiner's Day