Booze that bites - visuals that bite

A poster campaign for Black Ice (Smirnoff) currently running in the UK shows a bottle that bites, I guess they want to say that the drink has a bite. But doesn't everyone advertising alcohol want to say just that? Here's a cold case of coincidence.

This is the current Black Ice ad running in the UK from July 1st this year, announcing a new crisp 'bite' in the drink. Nice visual.

Back in 1998 in Amsterdam though, a series of posters announced a vodka with a bite. Though, it really was fruitjuice with a bit of vodka if you ask me. ;)
This campaign was done by Laboratorivm and even graced the cover of Lürzers Archive back then.

......and just as a funny coincidence, another booze showed their teeth in 1997 in Amsterdam, 8 odd months before the Artic ads were plastered all over town. This campaign was made by Garbergs, and the idea wasn't just teeth-visuals, but morphing man and dog. Still, thought it was worth a mention. ;)

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