Boss turns the "I Quit" video into a help wanted ad with spoof response.

An odd thing happened on the internet ... First, a rather dancetastic resignation video was posted to youtube where Marna Shifrin complains about her boss' wanting quantity and hits, while she wants to make quality content. So, she made a video of her dancing around the office, set to a Kanye West song (did she get the rights to that?), and suddenly it's on fire. Linked everywhere, and it raced to the 9 million hits mark at suspect speeds.

So, Marna's argument is that she wants to do high quality content, instead of quantity, she made a great case against her ability to do that with a rather contentless dance video. The company she works for is "awesome", still. But odder is that every media outlet from CNN to newspapers in Sweden all published this video, sending it to viral fame. Apparently news orgs are now like that annoying older relative who keeps emailing you old jokes and chain mails. Wasn't there some news to cover?

Even odder still is the hiccup seen in the screendump above, where CNN's youtube channel named every video 'An Interpretive Dance For My Boss Set To Kanye West's Gone', while some had seductive screendumps of ladies as their picture, These ladies were not in the videos. Spammers on youtube often do this, so perhaps CNN replaced their social media intern with a small script that went haywire for a moment.

Well, the 'evil' boss at Next Media Animation responded, as did everyone else who wanted a dance-break. In the response they say they hire based on dance-skills, and they have a rooftop pool. It feels like this might just have been the most successful viral job ad of all time. Like it was planned that way.