The bossy vending machine for Delites a lot like the sassy vending machine for Nesquick

There's a new ad out, where the Delite-o-magic vending machine challenges people to press the button 100 times, bow down and kneel before it, jump on one leg and dance like a maniac, just to get a free pack of Delites. Forget that "How far will people go for the taste of Fantastic Delites?" sounds a lot like "What would you do for a Klondyke bar" for a second, and forget that it would take five hours to push the button five-thousand times, lets look at the vending machine part of this idea shall we?

Delites - the Delite-o-matic - by Clemenger BBDO Adelaide

So the vending machines tells you what to do. Then you'll get free product. Got it. That's a bit like Nesquik's Talking Vending Machine back in 2007, who asked people to chicken dance for it. Nesquick's machine wasn't afraid to go all naughty on us and sighed with delight when its buttons were touched too.

Nesquick talking vending machine.

Other machines have done surprising things, Coke's Happiness machine was compared to Nesquick's chicken dance machine in 2010, but I feel the Coke "Hug me" machine comes a lot closer in idea - ie: make people act silly for free product. Even if it's silly cute.

Coke - Huge Me Machine