Boston hockey fans are wankers - says Pornhub

Pornhub are cheeky little minxes when it comes to generating earned media for their brand, which also happens to be their site URL During the superbowl they pulled the old "our ad was banned" trick, usually reserved for the likes of PETA and Godaddy. Now they invented a new game, releasing statistics of site traffic in conjunction with large sports events, and the conclusions they draw from it.

Last night marked the end of the NHL Championships, and much like the NBA Finals did, the battle for the Cup managed to take users away from their beloved porn once more. Until, of course the end of the game marking the Bruins' loss, which saw all of Boston turning to Pornhub to take out some of that pent up aggression.

That's right -- the statisticians at carefully analyzed each hour of the game to track traffic changes in Chicago, Boston, and across the US by the hour; comparing each location relative to the rest of the country.

What do we call this? Statsadvertising? :) It's clever, I'll give them that.

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