Brooklyn Industries Hurricane Sandy Email

In stark contrast to American Apparel, the clothing chain Brooklyn Industries this morning sent out a more heartfelt and much less blasé letter concerning the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

They're a bit more relevant, considering they have both shops and warehouses in the city. It's interrupted the flow, and there will be delays. I'm a bit suspect that people in the city are worried about where their latest plaid shirt will be coming from, the rest of the country is a different story. They're doing double duty by reassuring and conveying pertinent info.

While the discount at the end of the email is still walking the line, at least it had a bit more tact than American Apparel.

But here's a thought: During tragedies, if brands want to send some heartfelt thoughts and condolences, by all means do so. But your straight sincerity is all that's really needed.
And it will go a lot farther than a coupon.