Bud Light goes to the dogs - for laughs. They've done the fetching dog before.


Tonight during super bowl XLVI Bud Light ran and ad with a talented dog in, a dog that will fetch as son as you say "here we go". And not just anything either, noo, this dog will fetch beer. What a practical dog to have. Better than a walking fridge.

Thing is, we've seen Bud Light kinda do this one before. In a super bowl, no less.

Bud Light - Here Weego

We've even seen Bud Light dogs fetching beers before, you all remember that, right? No? I do. He wasn't quite as nice about it though, but it did almost get a trifecta in superbowl ad laughs. It has a dog. a groin-pain moment... and nope, no bikini ladies in sight. Two out of three ain't bad though. Here's Good Dog bad dog from Superbowl XXXVIII.

Bud Light - Good dog Bad dog - (2004) 0:30 (USA)

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  • claymore's picture

    I might be wrong, but I think Stroh's Alex from the 80s was the original beer-fetching dog.

    Feb 06, 2012

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