Burger King masks on sale now.


BK mask eBay auction is probably just a way to drum up interest for the new BK masks, out just in time for Halloween. Instead of waking up with the King you could be the King. He's a truly scary character - the Meat'Normous Sandwich is enough to cause a heart attack just looking at it. ;)

From the David Letterman Show (Thanks Claymore!).

Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying The Meat'Normous Sandwich

10. "How dangerous is four-digit cholesterol?"

9. "Am I comfortable using the word, 'meat'normous'?"

8. "Do I have $3.49 and a death wish?"

7. "Is that bigger than meat'gantic?"

6. "Does a massive coronary qualify as 'having it my way'?"

5. "Is this gonna spoil my breakfast dessert?"

4. "Should I ask my doctor about Lipitor?"

3. "Why do I have to sign a waiver?"

2. "Can I get it with egg whites?"

1. "Did Cheney like it?"

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  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Ebay seller "miamigirl1". Wierd. Isn't there a rather trendy ad agency located in Miami?

    Oct 11, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    Can't hide anything from you now, can we? ;)
    Waaay to clever by half you are.

    I do wonder when people will get tired of trying the ebay stunt thing. It's getting so old even the whiskers have fallen off by now.

    Oct 11, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    Slate: is burger king buzzing me?

    This last smelled pungently fishy. Why were these readers (about 6 or 7 in all) so eager to dress as a corporate mascot? Why did they get the idea at the exact same time? Why was no one asking about, say, Geico caveman costumes? And wouldn't it be infinitely funnier to dress as the Dove ladies?

    I called up Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Burger King's ad agency, and

    Oct 27, 2005

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