Burger King redubs "Connected Whopper" ad, triggers Google devices again

It took only three hours for Google to block the "OK Google" voice command from the original ad, but Burger King isn't stopping their shenanigans just yet. At least three more "OK Google" dubs of the ad have surfaced and they aired last night during "The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", triggering Google Home Devices to explain what the Whopper Burger is once again. One of the voice dubs is a woman saying "OK Google", instead of the male spokesperson, in another the VO sounds like a helium inhaling chipmunk. Not only clever, but also quite funny. This is how BK became the Cannes Lions marketer of the year 2017.

With three new dubs already on air, it seems Burger King were prepared for Google to try and stop their hijinks. It's also a very smart solution since Google stopped the ad by patching for this particular actors voice and intonation. Now Google will have to chase down at least three new dubs, but Burger King might have delivered countless more to TV stations already. How sneaky. This little ad-tiff also exposes that Google is in control of your Google Home Device at all times. Google can patch for sounds while you are busy watching ads and longing for a Whopper.