Busted: the don't bother Cannes App


Busted: the don't bother Cannes App

BustedApp is the not-must-have Cannes app this year, unlike that brilliantly useful Pizza after midnight spotting App that Deutsch LA made.

Busted App hangs bling-chains, leather-bondage-gear and beards on people as you snap pictures of them, a tech so old that Google perfected Rudolf-noses tracking your face live in hangouts. So that you may "expose the decadence and depravity of the worlds largest ad festival" while you're there.

Aha. Thing is, we don't need any beards and digital leather-whips for our pictures. Have you guys even been to Cannes? Leather bondage-gear was a required dress code already back in the 90s. I threw a party back then where a giant penis danced on stage and sprayed the audience with shaving cream at 'climax'. Why, at MassiveMusic's No Party in Cannes 2009 there were no clothes even.... Oh hang on, I see where yo're going with those digital outfits to be placed on the image then. Carry on.


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