Café Café does the Harlem Shake.


Jumping on the meme bandwagon, before the shark gets jumped, Israeli shop Ecaliptoos worked with Israel's largest coffee chain to create an offer for a brand new milkshake. Named appropriately enough, the Harlem (milk) Shake.

They even created their own video of Café Café employees doing the meme, which you can see here .

Also I was just kidding about "before the shark gets jumped." The Today Show already stuck a big fork in that hairy Harlem ass.

Client: Café Café
Agency: Ecaliptoos
CEO: Maor Chen
CEO: Dror Blumenthal
Creative director: Maayan Dar
Content Strategy: Joel Ariel Shamir
Supervisor: Vicky Petel
Account manager: Batel Diamant
Content manager: Idan Lutsky
Studio Manager: Rony Blumberg
Programmer: Yossi Melamed

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