Can Facebook offer end Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

On 2012 Facebook introduced its new offers feature, enabling brands to grant Facebook users and fans special offers and discounts on products.
The OneVoice Movement introduced the first Facebook offer, for something other than a product. For peace. Allowing users from all over the world to 'Claim Peace' and help raise awareness toward ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Here's the interesting thing: Facebook limits each offer to 40,000 claims. So multiple peace offers will be created gradually on the next following days, users can also claim the peace offer on

The goal, as with all goals on Facebook, reach the 1,000,000 mark.

Agencies: Mizbala, The Brief
Executive Creative Director: Dori Ben Israel Kario
CEO: Nimrod Nir
Client: OneVoice Israel & International
Executive Director OneVoice: Tal Harris
Media Director OneVoice: Nadav Galon
Design Agency: Hooligans
Designer: Miriam Moshinsky
Coding: Dan Efter

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