Caravan Collective 2013 Lookbook


Biking is a slippery slope. You start out getting one for exercise. All well and good. You use it for work. That's cool. Next thing you know, you're zipped up in blue and pink neon spandex, meeting the bros at 7 in the morning for an "insane" run through the city on a bike that costs a few month's rent, dodging trucks like a multi-colored beetle on wheels. Or worse, you're purchasing a fixie in those 1987 vintage Air Force 1's you bought from that dude in Tokyo because that particular year's swoosh matches your bike frame.

But what do you wear if you just like to bike because it's good for you and the environment? What if you don't want to wear a uniform? What if biking isn't a superficial lifestyle so much as an honest hobby with a culture you love? What if you aren't training for the Tour de France every Saturday? Well my friend, there is a company for you. Israel-based Caravan Collective has just come out with its 2013 lookbook of all organic apparel.

Judging from their press release too, these guys and gals are sweet, honest and authentic.
Besides making apparel that is 100% organic, and sweatshop free, they donate one percent of their sales to environmental and social non-profits.

They give back to the world but also keep it in the family. The art direction, design and photography was created by Yoni Man, Yarden Man and Yaara Man, too. It looks lovely, not every scene has a bicycle in it, and hell, it's just calming to look at, too. I may have to get me the Freedom Machine t-shirt. The typeface alone is tasty.

Check out more of their stuff by visiting their site, or their Facebook Page.
Love it, dudes!

Art Director - Yoni Man
Photography - Yarden Man
Design - Yaara Man
Makeup - Maya Helfman
Models And Friends:
Raphael Michaeli * Ben Shalev * Noy Nehardea
Ruty Rilov * Yoav Maor * Rotem Greenberg
Yasmin Dar * Stav Rilov * Eddie's Craft Beer * Tiger Ryan
Makura Farm * The Dogs: Uma, Stout & Kona

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