Cesar vs. Shaggy Dog


Cesar vs. Shaggy Dog

Advertising's going to the dogs and this badlander proves it.

Cesar's print campaign:

Click here to view Walt Disney's Shaggy Dog commercial.

Dabitch notes: This Cesar campaign has been spotted in Badland previously, see dogs and their owners posted Friday, March 24, 2000.



What the hell....? I really hope that the original creators/photographer of that old Cesar campaign is getting paid for the images that are used in the Shaggy Dog preview. I mean... They didn't just rip that.. Did they? Would be ironic if Disney of all companies got a little butterfingery when it came to peeps copyright, wouldn't it? ;)

Odd thing to do regardless. Re-use an old ad campaign like that I mean.

Didn't Fido (Canadian cell phone company) have print and tv in the past few years showing the same dog-resembling-owner shtick?

And didn't Honda recently do the same thing in a tv spot with owners resembling different Honda models?

Wot a tired old idea.

Yes, this is from a famous ad campaign done by Almap BBDO, S

Yeah, see the "Note this cesar campaign has been spotted in Badland..." bit, there's a link comparing it to the Canadian Fido ads. ;)

As for that Honda ad you mention, it's here: Honda - People/Cars aka It Must Be Love (2003). Yeah, pretty much the same deal going on there, but without stealing the dog+owner portraits.

I wanna be paid to watch it :)

Ha! Yes that movie looks like it'll be terrible.

Where are the lawyers now? The Hollywood film industry, usually so protective of their work, has ripped Almap BBDO and their photographer off!
They can't be using that without paying for it, can they? Any Almap BBDO people here?

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