Charlotte Tilbury creates a 360° experience featuring Kate Moss


British make-up artist and fashion maven Charlotte Tilbury has a new fragrance out called Scent of a Dream. To promote it they created a 360° film featuring Kate Moss and other beautiful people. It starts in space, then you descend into a worm hole and land in a very cool party and then go back into space. Man, I remember those nights. The spot is set to "You got the love." Not the Florence and the Machine version of the Joss Stone version but a remix version by The Source featuring the original gospel singer Candi Stanton which is probably more music history than you need at this point but I have always liked this song and I have a soft spot for fashion ad and Kate Moss. What can I say? She made the 90's.

Creator: Charlotte Tilbury
Director: Antoine Wagner
VR Creative Director: Happy Finish - Daniel Cheetham
VR VFX Supervisor: Happy Finish - Davide Preite
VR Producer: Happy Finish - Charly Levene
360 DOP: Happy Finish - Elliot Graves, James Brown and Jamie Mossahebi
Production Assistant: Happy Finish - Lydia Beesley
360 VR Shoot Producer: Happy Finish - Sam Adam
DIT: Ghandi El­-Chamaa

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