Cheap and easy - pushing it with Staples.




Cheap and easy - pushing it with Staples.

Continuing the trend of "Fictional Things From Television Commercial Campaigns Eventually Showing Up As Actual Things You Can Buy," the Staples Easy Button can now be yours. Priced at $4.99, proceeds of up to $1 million are going to Boys & Girls Club of America, which is rather spiffy of them. Batteries are included, which is also rather spiffy of them. Spiffy all around.



Love it. This was one of the smarter things they've done in a while.

i love the fact that it depresses Marvin -- "nothing's ever easy, i don't care what the say..."

God I LOVE all them toys. Is the slimline stapler attacking the easybutton? The drama!

Claymore , can I come over and play with all your toys? Please? pretty please?

You need a new name for the trend, the acronym FTFTCCESUAATYCB will never catch on. It sounds like a stutter-seizure.

funny, very good work. I am gonna buy one.

Object d'ad? Spot spawn? Broodcast?
Or... borrowing a skosh from TV show spinoffs, how about calling this trend Spinouts?

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