Choromatsu, the Sony Walkman monkey, dies


Choromatsu, the Sony Walkman monkey, dies


Choromatsu has gone to the giant monkey-tree in the sky.

In Japan Choromatsu was famous from the late eighties era Sony Walkman adverts. Really famous.

Choromatsu was 29 years old.

Mr Choromatsu / Dreaming 1987
Via Tokyomango via metachat.


Although I can't understand the voice over at first glance it seems to me that this ad is completely missing the point. On the other hand the imagery is so weird and confusing that it makes me stop. It makes me try and find out what the relevance is to the product. It definitely gets stuck in my head. Or, maybe I'm just a sucker for animals.

I know, a walkman ad where the quirky spokesanimal doesn't walk. Crazy japanese. ;)

Trivia: Choromatsu is seen to close his eyes during the ad because, according to unnamed sources, he was tired during filming, and was recorded nodding off. Choromatsu, at 29 years old, would have been about 100 years old in human years. Choromatsu had been retired from the entertainment business since 1990.

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