Christmas came early: Spaghetti-O's makes a Pearl Harbor tweet.

Yes, this is real. And yes, it's insane.

Huge props to @it's_Elliot for the hat tip here.

This tweet has been up for three hours and hasn't been taken down, so we can only assume the social media team went home after the holiday bar binge. Somehow, the social media intern at Spaghetti-O's pulled a fast one. Either that or or this amazing piece of WTF-ness was approved by the SpaghettiO's higher ups while they were busy "multi-tasking."

Either way, let the backlash begin. Followed, of course, by the sniveling apologies and "rest assured the responsible parties were taken to task," admonishment.

Social media. The disturbing gift that keeps on giving.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Dale Coy's picture
    Dale Coy (not verified)

    Lighten up. It's a piece of food not an enemy.

    Dec 07, 2013

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