A classic idea to promote Burt's Bees Classics.


Using Vine, they Baldwin& created six second versions of classic novels like "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" and "Little Women." All in stop motion, of course, because Vine. WHy did they do this? To promote Burt's Bees classic line up, silly!

According to the Press Release, there are others that haven't been produced yet. Like "Gulliver’s Travels,” “Metamorphosis,” “Moby Dick,” “The Scarlet Letter,” “Julius Caesar,

Pfft. Lemme know when they do "Gravity's Rainbow," or "Naked Lunch."

Client: Burt's Bees
Agency: Baldwin&
CDs: David Baldwin, Bob Ranew
ADs: Shaun Sundholm, Jimmie Blount
CWs: Ian Fairbrother, Tedd Wood
Agency Prod.: Melissa Blavos
Account Sup.: Katharine Belloir
Dir./Prod. Co.: Jethro Ames, San Francisco
Sound: Pond!, the Company, San Francisco
Live VO: Steven Barlow
Costumes: Elie Rossetti Serraino

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