The Cleaner - "scrub with this side to get the glitter off" - Axe/Lynx is a mobster cleanup crew

Ponce Buenos Aires has created a new web campaign for Axe (Lynx) where they borrow heavily from Pulp Fiction, Nikita and other noir films for their hero. More specifically, they've run off with the character of "the Cleaner", the man in a suit who appears like a ghost to clean up messy "jobs". In this case there are no dead bodies, just remnants of wild parties and the occasional half naked lady, while stressed out guilt ridden men are calling the cleaner for help in getting all the dirt they did last night off them.

All of this is of course just a clever way of selling a body wash widget that "scrubs" while it lathers.

In the first installment, the straying boyfriend needs to cleaners help to get rid of the evidence before his girlfriend gets home.
Lynx / Axe - The Cleaner / Evidence at home (2012) 3:10 (Argentina)

In the second installment, "the cleaner" arrives at an office after a party and helps the two businessmen clean up after their activities. No idea how he'll get rid of that ass though. I do mean the donkey (ba-dum-tish!)
Lynx / Axe - The Cleaner / Evidence at the office - (2012) 2:15 (Argentina)

The campaign is produced by Argentina Cine and directed by Rafael López Saubidet, it'll also be available on facebook. Naturally.