Click 3X Live Streams Social Media Week Double Feature


Starting at 4PM on Wednesday, February 20, Click 3X gets social, opening its Flatiron studio to a gathering of A-list marketing, advertising, and social media experts for Social Media Week 2013. The company continues its years-long tradition of hosting thought-provoking Social Media Week panels with a knockout double feature – “The Second Coming of the 30 Second Spot,” moderated by Click 3X CD Nick Agderian, and “What Is Branded Content?” led by Magnet Media GM Paul Kotonis.

Kicking off the back-to-back Wednesday panels, “The Second Coming of the 30 Second Spot” examines the fascinating rise, fall, and resurgence of the staple marketing medium, building a case for why good marketing film will never die. “Second Coming” panelists will investigate the role of Social Media in turning the tide back toward fundamental ad values, and discuss the future of the 30-second spot and the role of Social Media in its growth.

At 5:30, a second group of panelists will assemble for “What Is Branded Content?” This panel will ask marketing professionals on the front lines of alternative and traditional marketing to explain how they define “branded content,” a contentious term used to denote a variety of media. In the process, panelists will share recent examples of how they have worked with brands to develop content that engages with consumers more deeply than a traditional commercial.

For a full list of panelists and to tune in live, visit the Click 3X Social Media Week page.

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