Coca Cola launches mini coke bottles with 3D prints of mini-you


I'm telling you, Israel is doing their darn-tootingest establishing themselves as the high-techiest ad-country in the world. Coca Cola Israel launched mini bottles, much like everywhere else, and instead of just announcing it with something on TV, they went all out with an app and 3D print-outs of people. It could be you. But first you have to jump through tamagotchi style hopps designing a mini-you in the phone-app and keeping it happy.

Winners were invited to the coca cola factory, had a tour, a coke, and a bit of a pose in the 3D camera. Then they went home with miniature versions of themselves. How cute.

We created 3D printed mini figurines of our consumers - their own little doll, which looks exactly like them, only in mini.
Using the latest in 360° scanning and 3D printing technologies, we built a 3D printing lab inside Coca-Cola's main factory in Israel. Our 360° scanner was able to scan a human figure within a few minutes. We transformed the photographic images into a 3D model and high resolution 3D printers were then used to bring the digital model back to life as perfect mini-me figures made of color sandstone.
At the end of the day we gave them a special little gift but also a personal experience they will remember forever.

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