Contrapunto creates postcard for AMAM

Contrapunto in Bacelona has sent us this postcard they created for the AMAM (Asociatcion de Mujeres Antimutlacion). The AMAM association has very few members and strictly limited funds, so Contrapunto had to come up wtih a campaign using few resources that was very convincing and high profile.

This is why they chose to use a free postcard to be distributed at strategic points where the target audience was to be found: arthouse cinemas, theatres, galleries, etc.

The postcard's impact was visible very quickly, with donations, e-mails and even mentions in the media. See the postcard inside.

Text Front:
Wet your finger and rub to find out what millions of women feel.

Text Back:
Over two million girls suffer genital mutilation every year.

Agencia: Contrapunto Barcelona
Anunciante: AMAM España
Directores Creativos: Tomás Oliva, Manuel Padilla
Director de Arte: Lorena Martí
Redactor: Sara Piñana
Fotógrafo: Guixa
Ejecutiva de cuentas: Ariadna Céspedes

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  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Very nice. simple and effective... no wonder it worked so well.

    Apr 25, 2007

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