#Copywriterwisdom shared on a friday evening




#Copywriterwisdom shared on a friday evening

Copywriting. Everyone thinks they can do it, from the client to your mom. The difference is, of course, that they don't have time to write. But they could. And they have lots of opinions on how to make you a better writer. So does David Ogilvy. He'll tell you that the consumer is your wife. That five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. That the word "free" is good, and so is "new". It's time for some new #copywriterwisdom. And much like when Art Director Wisdom happened, twitter is key.

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So, one evening there was a lot of #copywriterwisdom doled out on twitter.

Storified by Åsk Dabitch · Fri, Dec 07 2012 21:40:29

Taglines aren't dead. Now they're headlines. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Avoid alliteration always #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Don't edit your work, the CD and then client will do that for you. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Don't use clichés, they're as old as time. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Nobody reads bodycopy, this is where you sneak in the sexual innuendo. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Don't do puns. Even when you push the envelope full of it, it’ll still be stationery. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Puns suck.Only two kinds of people use them. the lazy and the British. #copywriterwisdomevan
twelve headlines aren't enough. #copywriterwisdomevan
if you wrote it, read it out loud. even your most trusted art director will not read it the way you would. #copywriterwisdomevan
Exaggeration is a trillion times worse than understatement. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
write long copy as often as possible, so your art director will remember how to lay stuff out. #copywriterwisdomevan
Like a miniskirt, copy should be long enough to cover everything but short enough to be interesting #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
When you are not writing, read. A lot. When you are not reading, write. A lot. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
@dabitch And when you're not doing either of them, watch people a lot. Those insights make better copy #copywriterwisdomRamanramen
Never trust a spell chucker #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
I recently told a client that I wrote 30 headlines before I got the one in the ad. He went ahead with my recommendation. #copywriterwisdomRamanramen
Every bad headline you see is a chance to write a better one. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Everyone who generalizes is wrong. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
New insight will catch even the most difficult client off guard. Research the hell out of everything. #copywriterwisdomJonah Otieno
Write as if you're speaking directly to one person, can you hear me in the back of the bus? #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
taking improv classes won't help your writing or your presentation. you know what will? more writing, and more presenting. #copywriterwisdomevan
will ferrell is not a catch all for comedy. find another reference for comedy. #copywriterwisdomevan
Beware of polysyllabic & sesquipedalian words they waste space. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
The active voice activates. Stay away from the passive. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
nothing is conveniently located. nothing is new. if the client or account people insist on these words, punch them. hard. #copywriterwisdomevan
Nobody doesn't like Sarah Lee but grammar nazis. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
all radio scripts 20 seconds too long or 20 seconds too short. thats why you need to time it and read it out loud. #copywriterwisdomevan
Sell it to your mother. If you can read what you wrote with a straight face to her, you can present it to anyone. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
It is wrong to ever split an infinitive: unless done boldy where no man has gone before #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
stop making up words. there are plenty of them in the dictionary you're not using. #copywriterwisdomevan
I know better than you so you should listen to me. What a load of balls #copywriterwisdomConor Flynn
Vernacular words don't travel well. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
There's a difference between rule breaking copy and ground breaking copy. Go for the latter. #copywriterwisdomJonah Otieno
Leave the manifesto writing to the unabomber. #copywriterwisdomevan
a bad art director looks for "inspiration," in CA and Archive. Bad copywriters don't look for inspiration, period. #copywriterwisdomevan
you're writing doesn't get better the drunker you are. your alcoholism development chances however, do. #copywriterwisdomevan
Don't mimic another writer's style. Find your own and see what develops #copywriterwisdomSeason Never Ends
If copywriters were actually wise they wouldn't be copywriters. #copywriterwisdomSpradley
if you won't listen to an older writer's advice, why is your library full of dead writers? #copywriterwisdomevan
Champion co-workers who make the place you work better. Let them know they're appreciated. #copywriterwisdomSeason Never Ends
writing is a lonely profession. until you present it. then everyone acts like it's theirs to mangle. #copywriterwisdomevan
Just because it's funny doesn't mean it's good. It must be relevant to an idea. #copywriterwisdomChelsea Berger
Modesty belongs in ad copy as much as it does on a nudist beach. #copywriterwisdomÅsk Dabitch
Have a clarification session with people who call headlines "copy" #copywriterwisdomSeason Never Ends


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