Courrier uses 9/11 twin towers "ducking" to sell newspapers.

Adgrunt Publigeekaire has found another ad campaign that uses 9/11 as a visual, which he added to the comments to the "Twin towers 911 in advertising. Not new, so why the backlash this time?" post. I figured this should be on the front page since everyone is talking about it, the campaign is for Courrier International, and carries the tagline "learn to anticipate", it's created by Saatchi&Saatchi France. Adfreak calls it the latest to offend with 9/11.

The tone of voice is all over the map. I'm sure the creators at Saatchi France though each scenario funny, as the towers "duck" for incoming planes (ha ha), JFK drives a popemobile (wait, that's not funny), and the astronauts on the moon find that there's already a Russian flag up there. That last one is funny. Spot the difference between the three scenarios? The two unfunny ones had death as their consequence. Keep that in mind, creatives, when you try and joke about historical events.

Note: Courrier is a magazine, not a newspaper. Newsmag.

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