believes in the power of anonymous sharing.


Hey, you out there in adland. Any creatives wanna brainstorm anonymously? thinks you might be up for it. is "a dazzling social media platform that encourages the anonymous sharing and fostering of ideas and challenges, has launched in beta." (short) from coWonder on Vimeo.

Here's more:

The web is already the home to many sites we can visit to find the answers to specific questions. But what about those open-ended questions or those difficult-to-solve challenges where there is more than one definitive answer or a number of doorways to be explored?

coWonder provides the base for its users to share exactly those kind of challenges and develop ideas in an anonymous and friendly environment. As it grows, the site will become a place bursting with ideas that will allow anybody to tackle any kind of challenge no matter what their background or knowledge.

It sounds like a crowdsourcing site albeit for more abstract ideas. I'm not sure you can't get the same result by just tweeting.

Either way, I wish them luck. Anonymity, as we've been experiencing can be a double-edged sword.

While it would be nice to use anonymity to boldly seek inspiration, and foster free sharing of information, it has of late been giving us mostly personal attacks around here instead of idea-exchanges.

Cowonder might want to be careful what it wishes for.

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kidsleepy 17 year copywriter, now CD, who has worked in many cities including Pittsburgh, New York, Atlanta, Montreal and currently Los Angeles. I snark because I care. I ain't complainin' I'm just tellin' it like it is.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    This feels like anonymous focus-grouping somehow. Or anonymous research. I suspect that's how it'll be used.

    Oct 10, 2012
  • kidsleepy's picture

    If that were the case-- if it were for strategic insight-- it might be a good idea.

    Oct 10, 2012

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