CSI Badland - DP DDB v. BBDO in the Burgled Beverage Barricade Brand Boggler

It's a quasi-effective anti-theft device.
It's a Bud Light commercial.
It's a Pepsi commercial.


Read more for the forensics on this defensive drink device doppelgänger...

Exhibit A: This month, a Bud Light commercial hit the airwaves via Downtown Partners DDB. In its latest Bud Light Institute spot, CEO Keith Geurts reveals their latest innovation - the Bud Light Security Clamp. It's an excellent spot, as is the campaign.

Superadgrunts can view the spot here.

There's just one wee little problem...

Exhibit B: Back in 1997, BBDO came out with a spiffy Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi. In it, Robert Stack (of Unsolved Mysteries fame) revealed their latest innovation - the Pepsi Club.

Superadgrunts can view the spot here, and a later variant here.

To further raise suspicions, both fictitious devices are/were fictitiously available in single and six-pack versions. Hmmm....

Was the idea drinkjacked, or is it all an amazing coincidence?
We'll leave that up to you.