The Cube - The Next Big Thing?

Revolutionary device 'The Cube' promises to

forever change the way that we work, live, and interact with other human beings. It's more than just a gadget — it is a lifestyle.

Sadly this is not a viral campaign for a horror movie remake, but rather for TurboTax's Personal Pro™ - a tongue twister of a service which let's you submit your taxes electronically or hire a virtual 'Pro' to assist.

Fun little campaign, but my reservations come from the simple (and one might say, sad) fact that it takes much more than an Apple-parody to provoke a reaction nowadays. Nevertheless, it's worth checking out for the cheekily silly copy alone:

The Cube allows for the perfect selfie, as well as selfies within your selfies. Welcome to #selfieception.

I won't spoil the surprise, but even though the Cube "Successfully passes the Turing test", it may be just too good to be true.

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