Cult cleaner ad for Cillit Bang is banned!

As if to cement it's mythical cult status Cillit Bang has lucked out completely and gotten their ad banned by the ASA.
It is the scene with the penny that is causing trouble, the advert claims that it can make "an old penny good as new" in only 15 seconds. The Advertising Standards Agency said the claim was "exaggerated" and that the advert was "oversimplified and misleading". It ruled it must not be shown again in that form. The Cillit Bang company defended itself by saying that the voiceover unintentionally "oversimplified the chemistry". Too little too late.
Cillit Bang's logo is available on a range of badges and t-shirts as ironic hipster kid gear, and will probably only become more hip now.

See the windows media video over at LuckyKazoo.

Previous Cillit Bang fame: Cillit Bang, the hardcore cleaning sensation! links to the Cillt Bang dance remix.

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Hehe - I didn't see that the first time round. 'ken excellent.

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aye, I think it should be released as a single. ;) It would be a hit!