Cult sexy shaker shakes up Denmark


Cult sexy shaker shakes up Denmark


Kvindeligt Selskab sent letters of complaint and want people to boyott Cult Shaker, due to their sexy advertising. Someone seems to have a read book on marketing titled "sex and nudity sells".

Cult Shaker, a mixed vodka and soda drink, made the headlines of the national newspaper with their posters - do read more to see them. Kvindeligt Selskab has participated both on national radio and tv-news in regards to reporting these ads to the consumer ombudsman in Denmark. is the website for Cult Shaker "the party maker" drink.

In the name of equality, we need a male version too, don't we?

The product does not need to be shaken before drinking, in fact that would probably be a bad idea as it is carbonated. Perhaps this is why the models are naked, to not spill on their clothes? ;)

He's not born that way, he's been airbrushed. Shame.

Hat tip: Nuxx/adlist


Oh MY!

there is something very wrong with these ads.. can't quite put my finger on it.. oh yes, now I see.. no freaking' idea whatsoever! ... These ads are made by hacks. Like you point out, shaking the bottle is probably not a good thing.. But worse still is placing some urine colored liquid in the pee-pee area.. how unappitizing... hacks hacks hacks, and a bad photoshopper at that.

yeah, they should have left his jewels in the shot... ;)

if you're gonna stir some sh*t with sexy ads, go all the way, have full frontal male nudity, dammit.


not the nudity, I couldn't care less. Just the Lameness of it.

I'll agree with the "hack" above.

Holy Moly!? These ran!? I'm moving to Denmark and starting an agency - who's with me?

"He's not born that way, he's been airbrushed. Shame."

Stop being a hater. Hahaha. ;)

Yeah...he looks or something ;)

Just another nudity for shock...which is becoming less and less shocking now that everyone and their brother has done it.

hahaha - I didn't even think of that. Seriously! *pfffthehehe*

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