Danish Socialists don't want Americans to vote for Trump

This clever out-of-home stunt makes it look like Donald Trump's eyes are perpetually rolling. Neat, right? I love the idea of a foreign ad agency taking such an interest in my country's election year and urging American expats to vote. Then I started thinking about it. And I hated it. Where it breaks down for me is when said ad takes a political side which then becomes an ad for a candidate, one who presumably is more advantageous for the Danes. And while the the website it points to, Americans Abroad Vote, seems harmless enough albeit biased in favor of one candidate or another, if you click on the tiny hyperlinked "read more" section, you see it redirects to Sf.Dk What is SF you ask? Socialistik Folkeparti, which translates to the Socialist People's Party, which is a very leftist party, near communist who were part of the Danish coalition government as recently as 2014.

In 2014, they disagreed with the government position of selling shares of the Danish energy company Dong to Goldman Sachs, I guess out of anti-capitalist principles. But now I guess it's fine for the same party to urge American expats to vote for Hillary Clinton even though she was just endorsed by Goldman Sachs. Which means the Socialistik Folkeparti are either hypocritical or stupid or both.

By the way where do you think the Socialistik Folkeparti, is getting money to build this website and create this out of home bus stunt? That's right-- Danish tax money. While Denmark struggles with income inequality a growing rise in racism with its influx of Muslim immigrants, not to mention they are now allowing child brides to exist, it seems to me Denmark has enough mess in its own house to take care of. Instead, the Socialistik Folkeparti are using your hard-earned krone to influence the American election.

Agency: UncleGrey Copenhagen
Client: SF
Strategic Director: Carsten Bülow
Account Director: Madeleine Naesborg
Creative Director: Jimmy Blom
Creative Director: Thomas Ilum
Senior Art Director: Lukas Lund
Senior Art Director: Simon Naver
Art Director: Carl Angelo
Copywriter: Sophie Hotchkiss
Film: Mathias Nielsen
Retouch: GreyWorks
Seeding: BeOn
Media partner: Out of Home Media

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  • Dabitch's picture

    This almost makes me miss the ability to vote in Denmark, which I have done, just so that I could meddle in their election ;)

    Oct 28, 2016

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