PhoneAddress™ (which most certainly has a ™ at the end, although I feel rather stupid writing it like that), is an app which lets you use your smartphone to provide a delivery address.

Interesting, sure, although one might consider its uses are somewhat limited; there's a reason most of us aren't accepting packages in unconventional locations. That reason is convenience - I can envision only a few select situation where this technology would actually be a huge benefit. One might be food delivery, "pizza in the park" as articulated by DDB Brussels, the other in situations which require great geographical specificity - for example couriering a package to a specific customer in an airport. Other than that, it's not immediately obvious why this would be useful. It feels more like a clever framework on which other ideas can be built on top of; more of a mechanic than anything else.

DDB Brussels:

Forget your home address, here’s PhoneAddress™, a totally new service developed by Belgian mobile provider BASE. PhoneAddress™ is a new application that lets your online orders be delivered to your 'phone address' instead of your home address. Do you want to have pizza in the park? Or do you want to get swimming trunks delivered on the beach? PhoneAddress™ makes it all possible. And the great thing about it, this new app connects the delivery service with the consumers in an interactive way, so whenever you move, your address moves with you. Via the GPS signals from your phone the app knows exactly where you are when you need your orders delivered.

Anyway, I'm going to come forward and call it first. Before 2015 is out, someone will have paired this with a drone to make the first GPS PhoneAddress™ powered Drone Delivery Service. It'll probably happen in America, and it'll probably be called something like Drone Out of Home, or Drone & Deliver or Drone to Go. And god help us all, it'll deliver condoms, or beers at a music festival, or Evian, or jellybeans, or whoever jumps on this first. If I was DDB Brussels, I'd make it happen before someone else does.

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