Dentsu makes Boeings Dance


Dentsu makes Boeings Dance


Glassworks, London made this little dance happen, but it was the brainchaild of the peple at Dentsu, Japan, that started it all,
Hiroshi CD, Sasaki, Yutaka planner, Maeda knowledge, Toshinari, Tada Makoto, Kobayashi, Kazuto, Itoh euhm....Tanaka , Hasegawa, Haruo, Itoh CG supervisor Matuki Kiyosh. Righto. I didn't get anyones names or titles straight there, but check thier skilzz!. They make Boeings dance! Oh yes. Watch'emboogie! (click the pic fool) --+ windows media player, only.


Get a quicktime version of this... it rocks!

I'm on it, emailed Glassworks. Surreal little boogie innit? :)

The horror of windows media crap. Yes, this must go in the archive, Glassworks send DB a copy right NOW! :)

Help me out here, that tune is familiar... What song is it?

Its just a very lame, non funny idea full stop.

and it looks crap
and its a copy of some much better ads
and it looks crap

It's bloody new years eve - what do I know about anything, I should be well drunk by now


Name one of the "originals", you sound like you have post-budget envy. If you can name an original, take it to Badland

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