Diet Madison Avenue starts legal defense fund to "defend our team members and volunteers against false accusations"

In what seems to be the height of irony, Diet Madison Avenue has, after the $10 million defamation suit filed against them in Los Angeles, started their own Gofundme legal defense fund to raise money to "defend our team members and volunteers against false accusations."

We are raising funds to defend our team members and volunteers against false accusations. Any amount you can donate will help. Please feel free to help donate anonymously. 100% of the funds will be used only for legal assistance, any amount left over will be donated to the Times Up Legal Defense Fund. Thanks.

At the time of writing they have reached $1,055 of $100,000 goal, so they have quite a bit to go.

The suit filed by Ralph Watson who was swifty fired after Diet Madison Avenue accused him of sexual harassment and misconduct, claims defamation, intentional interference with contractual relations, intentional interference with prospective economic relations and negligent interference with prospective economic relations. The suit does not name the Jane Doe's who run the Instagram account, even though it suggests they know who they are, but Watson intends to supoena Instagram into revealing the identies of everyone involved.

When Diet Madison Avenue spoke to campaign last week about the suit, it was noted that "Diet Madison Avenue strongly urges the legal teams involved to contact the Electronic Frontier Front – a non-profit that defends digital privacy, free speech and innovation. "
-"Similar suits have always been dropped," the spokesperson for Diet Madison Avenue added.

It looks like they don't believe this suit will be dropped now, since they are passing the hat around to raise funds for lawyers.