Dinner Party With Mild Nudity Causes Mild Ad Bannage.

Bluefly, "a leading online retailer of designer brands, fashion trends, and superior value," appears to have come out with a mag ad and TV commercial called "Dinner Party" involving a bit of feminine nekkedness. As expected by us and most likely planned by agency McCaffery Ratner Gottlieb & Lane, a few mags and networks said no to it, and a few others said yes. We send our Adland sympathies to Nickelodeon viewers and Highlights readers, for you're missing out.

Go to That's Why I Bluefly, where you can find their commercial, four page magazine ad, press release and a bit of traditional news coverage in pdf format. And if you're a SuperAdgrunt, you can go into our Commercial Archive for a slightly cheekier Quicktime of the commercial.

Notes: It appears that this moderately-banned Bluefly thing hit a couple of East Coast papers back in mid-September, but didn't make much of a hubbub after that. Also, when I first heard of this, I first thought it was for JetBlue (a la mLife/Metlife) - oops. Well, let's see if we can get this thing rolling again for them, eh? Nekkedness is good for America, as are designer brands and fashion trends of superior value.


And here's the print that is currently running in magazines...this one was found in InStyle:




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