Dolce and Gabbana 'gang rape' ad banned in Australia


The Dolce and Gabbana 'gang rape' ad has been banned in Australia too now.

"The advertisement showing a woman pinned to the ground by the wrists by a bare-chested man, with other men in the background looking on", has been banned since yesterday, the Advertising Self-Discipline Institute (IAP) said. The ad, according to the IAP has:

"offended the dignity of the woman, in the sense that the feminine figure is shown in a degrading manner. The woman has an alienated expression, with an absent look. The woman is immobilised and subjected to a man's will.
Because of the passive and helpless position of the woman relative to the men around her, the representation of abuse or the idea of violence towards her"

I can't wait to hear what the IAP says abou the gay gangbang's below and some of the other images in the campaign. I haven't quite sussed out if D&G wants to glorify porn-shoots as something we shall aspire to, or if they just like rough orgies. Either way, I'm totally turned off.

Don't you just love how Dolce and Gabbana called Spain "a bit backward" after consumers complained about the images? Ah yes. Forget forward thinking tech in schools, the most open minded co-habitations laws and that sort of thing - you're "backwards" if you don't like images that trigger gang rape associations. Gotcha.

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