Dolce & Gabbana knife ad axed by ASA


Dolce & Gabbana has had some theatrical looking ads where men brandish knives banned by the ASA. After receiving 157 complaints, including from groups such as Mothers Against Murder And Aggression (“MAMAA”) and Media March the ASA agreed that the knives were brandished aggressively and the image of a man lying on the ground with a wound to his forehead added to the overall impression of violence and upheld the complaint.

D&G stated here in the Scotsman that the adverts drew no complaints when they were published in China, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and the United States.... because as we all know that wee group of islands sorta tagging along to the left of Europe isn't part of Europe at all. ;) Kidding.

The offending ad in all it's knify glory. I'm more offended by that horrifiic wig on Gemma Ward. She looks like she got her head stuck in a cotton candy machine. (That is Gemma innit?)

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  • taO's picture

    Thanks for showing the ad.
    I have been looking for the ad myself after the media in Denmark wrote an artical about the banning, witout even showing what the fuss was all about.
    Its looks like its a everyday knife/gun fight in the upperclass gay environment so off cause it had to be stopped :)

    Jan 11, 2007

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