Don't worry about my English: Copywriter wants a job, proves he can spell


Remember when subservient chicken was so cutting edge it was the most amazing thing? Now tossing together recordings (audio or video) and a clever script that sorts which recording will respond to what are so pedestrian, there are very few ways they can still surprise you.

However, they can be still be cheeky clever, like this self-promo site from copywriter Tal Schweiger seeking work in the USA: Don't worry about my He can spell anything, like a master spelling bee winner, with a few "uhm" and "eh" thrown in for good measure. It seems complicated, but it's in fact very simple because however you spell the word is how Tal Schweiger will spell the word. The color vs colour debate ends here.

Of course, attractive stunts are only good if they have a decent portfolio behind it, so once you've stopped playing with his skillfully crafted site you can hit up his portfolio and/or his linkedin resume, or just email him directly. And maybe, just maybe you're the US agency that needs a copywriter like this guy. He'll relocate to anywhere but where he is.

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