A double barreled Badlander.

Been a while folks, so here's a couple of wine and beer bottles that'll have you seeing double. I don't think the creators should beat themselves up - or god forbid shoot themselves - over it though as we all have drawn this one, at least once.. Right? Hat tip to Johan Olsson for this pair.

Way back in 2005 - Navarra opened the hunting season with these bottles of wine (above), declaring how well it goes with wild meat. Clear, simple, and all visual - credits go to Bassat Ogilvy in Barcelona, AD: Fransesc Talamino and CW: Jaume Monés. The ad was shot at Garrisgosa Studio.

Much later, this double-barrelled idea popped up again for Tuborg at the movies. Here they're saying that Tuborg goes well with Guy Ritchie films I guess. ;)

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  • Plywood's picture

    Tuborg continues to spit out some of the shittiest beer ads on the planet. At least they're consistent.

    Dec 18, 2007
  • adlib's picture

    same visual, same crap. You can dig up better Badlanders than this. Like the ones which make us all believe in conspiracy theories such as my favorite the Milk mustache mystery.

    Dec 18, 2007
  • Dabitch's picture

    Pardon, I will try harder. :P Funny you should mention the Milk ones, I was hunting for those ads for years.

    Dec 18, 2007
  • joelapompe's picture

    great one! it exists several print ads for powerfull coffees with exactly the same idea. Two mugs are doing a gun.


    Dec 24, 2007