A double barreled Badlander.

Been a while folks, so here's a couple of wine and beer bottles that'll have you seeing double. I don't think the creators should beat themselves up - or god forbid shoot themselves - over it though as we all have drawn this one, at least once.. Right? Hat tip to Johan Olsson for this pair.

Way back in 2005 - Navarra opened the hunting season with these bottles of wine (above), declaring how well it goes with wild meat. Clear, simple, and all visual - credits go to Bassat Ogilvy in Barcelona, AD: Fransesc Talamino and CW: Jaume Monés. The ad was shot at Garrisgosa Studio.

Much later, this double-barrelled idea popped up again for Tuborg at the movies. Here they're saying that Tuborg goes well with Guy Ritchie films I guess. ;)