Dude you're getting a cell!


Dude you're getting a cell!


TheSmokingGun reports that Benjamin Curtis of "dude you're getting a dell" fame has been arrested in New York City for possesion of marijuana. He's currently in a holding cell in Central Booking and is scheduled to be arraigned later today.

Dude, what a bummer...
for super adgrunts - follow these to see Benjamin in the Dell ads.

Dell: Lecture

Dell: Paris

Dell: Hallowed Halls

Dell: Graduation

Dell : Lost and Found


This is great! Poor bastard, after realizing Stevie annoyed legions, quite possibly becoming one of the most hated, over-milked characters of all time, Benjamin was hoping to go on a bender.

He has earned his place on a VH1 young actors gone bad show... the fame, the pressure, the backlash, the drugs. Was he headed to an orgy with the interns?

didn'tcha know? He had a date with Ellen Fleiss. She's still waiting on the corner of Houston and Bowery last I heard. ;-)

At last, maybe this will kill those moronic ads. It was cute for a while, but enough is enough. Give me the Apple Switcher ads any day. At least they show some variety.

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