Duracell knows how to target ads.

As Dabitch says, advertising is information in the right context. And if that's the case, Duracell should get an ad of the week award.

The worst storm in all of creation is about to hit the Northeast. Cataclysmic. A mixture of rain and maybe snow, and high winds, and probably raining frogs and locusts, too. Hurricane Sandy, as she's called, as been dubbed Frankenstorm. Just for halloween.

Knowing the media would do its usual overhype, Duracell did something brilliant: they targeted their ads. Just this morning we spotted this ad on an article about the store on weather.com.

It's not sexy. it's not clever. But its straightforwardness sure as hell is relevant.

Contrast that with the screen dump below of CBSnews.com featuring an ad for Staples and Time Warner Cable. Or this New York Times article featuring Is Your Mac Running Slow, and something targeted for California at the header.

Wasted opportunities, both.

Score one for Duracell.