E-Trade will pain us with that talking baby once again during Super Bowl XLIII.

You can not escape the E*trade talking baby. He was a bit of a divider last year, with people either hating him or loving him, but mostly hating. Well, that hep little computer-using baby has gone all out and even has a twitter account these days. Because we really need to follow advertising characters when we're having a hard enough time keeping up with real people. I have a treat for you, since you know you want to - be you a fan or a hater of the talking baby - check out the out takes from their new Super Bowl commercial inside. Talking baby out takes. Sure, why not. Just play along.

Adweek spoke to E*trade's CMO Nick Utton and quote him as saying:

"Let's be realistic, the market is in the worst state right now. Customer sentiment went to an all-time low in September. And more than ever looking for a solution.
We're being very cautious of the tonality of the message, and we want to be front and center with consumers"

And last years 2008 Super Bowl XLII commercials from E-trade featuring the talking baby are naturally here in the archive. Check 'em.
Etrade - Baby trader & clown - (2008) : 30 (USA)

Etrade - Baby trader - (2008) : 30 (USA)