EDF Energy-Thank You- (2012)- (UK)


French company EDF Energy wants you to feel better about energy. And the best way to make you feel better about energy is to give you prizes as a Thank You.
Prizes ranging from a lowered energy bill to Olympics tickets. Because every client and their grandmother will piggy back on the olympics this year.

ais London dropped the newest installment of its "Thank Yous campaign," with a giant handmade zoetrope to illustrate all the faboo prizes one can win with EDF Energy. It's hand made. It's crazy fun. And I think I'd rather win that than tickets to see the olympics, but that's just me.

This is all working in tandem with EDF's new "Feel Better Energy," campaign, mind you. AMV did the TV spot to go with the campaign launch. A spot starring a youtube mascot.

EDF Energy - Thank Yous

The mascot in question is based on Youtube "Dancing Robot" character Keepon. To EDF's credit, they licensed to the mascot rather than try to rip it off. Which makes me feel slightly better about it. But not much.

The TV spot looks nice and all, but it's hard to see any sort of connection except in a very loose 'feel good,' strategy sort of way. They could have accomplished the same thing with the Cadbury Gorilla. Or a Big Mouth Billy Bass talking fish. Or Thomas the Train with Samuel L Jackson's voice.

But enough snark. Here's the original "Keepon," dancing to a song by Spoon. Watch that. You might feel better, too.

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