Effies Use Nude Model In Banner Ad

Well, it looks like the Effies are following in the footsteps of industry advertising ads like CP&B's ads for Young Guns submissions and that quasi-controversial ad promoting Advertising Week which used sex or innuendo.

Read on to see the banner ad for the 2006 Effies. It was found on Adage.com promoting their new categories for awards.

What a nude model has to do with effectiveness in advertising I'm not sure. Maybe they are trying to bring home the point that sex sells. ;)

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  • Dabitch's picture

    I think it's a subliminal warning that advertising is the industry where you'll have o bend over backwards and get fucked every day. Kinda like the porn industry! ;)

    Oct 13, 2005
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    hahahha! Or since the Effies are all about effectiveness...maybe it's that bending over is the most effective way to get yourself fucked.

    Oct 13, 2005
  • CopyWhore's picture

    Well, since it's an award for account people, it's most definitely about being buggered from behind!

    Actually, I think it's a kind of bogus award, to be quite honest. Even for the suits. Reason being that I worked at an agency once where the head of client service was involved with the judging. Guess who happened to have won?

    Plus, the criteria for "effectiveness" is really dodgy as well. Because if a brand happens to succeed in a given year, with a new campaign, it's not necessarily because of the ad campaign...advertising being nothing more than one element in the marketing mix. If the brand also happened to improve its distribution, pricing, packaging, and salesforce in the same period of time that the campaign broke (and let's suppose these variables were tweaked independently of the ad agency's advice), it would appear the campaign worked.

    But let's face it. That's not really how campaigns work. They work over the long term with a cumulative effect, building trust and a long term consumer franchise along the way (pardon all the jargon, please.) And the tools that the Effie's use don't come close to measuring consumer's love for a brand...

    The Effies really end up being more about awarding agencies on their ability to win tactical, short-term battles for market share and share of mind. And what's award worthy about that?

    Oct 14, 2005
  • Plywood's picture

    this ad's a piece of shit.

    Oct 14, 2005
  • kidsleepy's picture

    the porn industry isn't as degrading as the ad agency.

    Oct 17, 2005