The Executive Coloring Book


The Executive Coloring Book

Adland's crew has been rather swamped of late. Our adlist mate, Brandon, posted (gosh was it really a month ago now! yipes!) on The Executive Coloring Book, printed in the 1960s. Fellow crewman Claymore happened to have a copy of the original book and did us the favor of scanning the pages. See the coloring book images here. presents
the legendary... the subversive... the long out of print...
The Executive Coloring Book
by Marcie Hans, Dennis Altman & Martin A. Cohen, 1961
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Wow! That is great! I'd like to get a copy for my desk. Anyone know if there are still copies available for purchase?

It's been out of print for decades, but a copy of it still sometimes shows up on ebay. Keep an eye out.

"this is my suit - color it gray or I'll loose my job" - too true.

I love this book.

A++++++ WOULD COLOR AGAIN!1!!!1!


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